Our August 2020
Litter has Arrived!

Our litter of F1B pups has arrived and all pups have already found a home. If interested in adopting a St. Berdoodle or Poodle, please let us know by clicking the link below to get on the waiting list for one of our upcoming litters.


Kute & Kuddly

The St. Berdoodle is a perfect family pet! They are consistently great with children.  They have a gentle protective nature and make for a loving playmate. The most important thing about the SBD is their temperament.  Your Saint Berdoodle will be the best companion dog you have ever had and that we guarantee!

If you are interested in reserving a puppy from our current litters or getting on the waiting list please let us know and we will send pictures and keep you updated on the fur babies.

Previous Litters

We update our site regularly with news about upcoming litters. Below you can view pics and information about some of our most recent litters. Please contact us or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to find out about upcoming adoption opportunities.

August 5, 2020:
St. Berdoodles from Sakey and Moose
Sorry! All pups from this litter have been adopted. Leave us a message to get on the waiting list.

October 22, 2019:
F1 St. Berdoodles from Lacey and Tripp

July 23, 2018:
St. Berdoodles from Lacey and Tripp

Karing Korner

Below you’ll find our most recent blog posts containing information and stories about our past and upcoming litters from Karing Hearts Kennel.

St. Berdoodle Pup

When Should I Spay or Neuter My Puppy?

When should you spay or neuter your pet?

Whiskey and Moose are expecting their first litter!

Puppies are on the way. This November we are expecting a litter of F1 St. Berdoodles.

St. Berdoodle Lacey

Lacey’s last litter

Lacey is definitely starting to show her pregnancy.... not to mention the “I am SO uncomfortable” side. This will be her last...

Why Choose Us

20 Years of Experience

Karing Hearts has over 20 years experience in breeding St. Bernards, Poodles and St. Berdoodles.

Service Quality

All of our pups are service-quality temperament. In fact, at least 1 pup per year is donated to a U.S. veteran that suffers from PTSD.

Loving & Caring

All of our pups are loving, caring, protective and make the best pets that your family will ever own.