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Karing Hearts Kennel has over 20 years of experience breeding service-quality St. Bernards, St. Berdoodles and Newfa Doodles. All pups are raised in our home with lots of love and socialization – including our grand babies. We breed for health, soundness and temperament in our puppies, which translates into quality service animals and wonderful family pets.

As apart of our veterans outreach program, The Karing Hearts Foundation, a pup from our litters is trained as a PTSD/veteran service dog to support veterans that have proudly served our country.

Meet the Family

This group of Saints, St. Berdoodles and Poodles have always been our companions, but more importantly, they’re a part of our family. 

St. Berdoodle Sakey

Sakey - Dame F1 St. Berdoodle

I am an F1 Hybrid from Lacie and Tripp, who are now grandparents. Moose and I are a match set that produce gorgeous F1b puppies with amazing colors.


Denali - Future Dame AKC / CKC New Foundland

I am a purebred New Foundland and a future Mama. I have smoke greay eyes that will make you fall in love. My first litter should be late 2021 and I am looking forward to seeing some beautiful puppies.

AKC CKC St Bernard Whiskey

Whiskey - Dame AKC / CKC St. Bernard

I am a purebred St. Bernard that loves the attention. I am a lover and watch over my humans and love to lean in… sometimes I forget how big I am and make you stumble.

St. Berdoodle

Bindi - Future Dame AKC / CKC New Foundland

I am an AKC / CKC New Foundland and will be ready for puppies late in 2022. I am a cuddle bug that will melt your heart.


Moose - Sire AKC / CKC Std. Poodle

I am what is known as a “Parti” Poodle… I am stunning and know it. I have a touch of Bailey’s and Cream in my coloring and you will love my pups. My parti side leads to some amazing color in my pups.


Sir Tripp - Sire AKC / CKC Std. Poodle

I watch over five humans (two little ones (grandkids), One Teenager and two big ones). The big ones think they’re in charge, but it’s the little ones that get my tail in a wagging frenzy. Time to play!

St. Berdoodle

Miss Brandy - Mascot and Lover

No matter what anyone says… I run this place! Even though I am a “puppy” of two awesome parents (Lacey / Tripp), all it takes is batting my beautiful brown eyes and I get anything I want. By the way – I am officially a registered PTSD Service Dog!

st bernard

Lacie - (Retired) Dame AKC / CKC St. Bernard

Sometimes being man’s best friend is a ruff gig. Training and caring for my humans is an arduous but rewarding process – especially making sure everyone is safe.

Karing Korner

Below you’ll find our most recent blog posts containing information and stories about our past and upcoming litters from Karing Hearts Kennel.

Sakey and Moose are Expecting! Late March will welcome F1b Puppies to Karing Hearts.

Sakey (F1 St. Berdoodle) and Moose (AKC/CKC Standard Poodle) are Expecting Puppies! A new litter of F1b St. Berdoodles are...
Doodle Generations

F1 vs. F1B St. Berdoodle: An In-Depth Side-by-Side Comparison

F1 vs. F1B St. Berdoodle: An In-Depth Side-by-Side Comparison. If you are really interested in getting a St. Berdoodle, you must have certainly seen some kind of acronyms like F1 and F1B.

St. Berdoodle Pup

5 Easy Steps to Housetrain Your Dog

5 Easy Steps to Housetrain Your New Puppy! You can easily teach your dog to go potty in an acceptable location by keeping a close eye, recognizing their signals, understanding their instincts, and rewarding their appropriate behavior.

St. Berdoodle Pup

Crate Training Your New Puppy

Crate Training Your New Puppy, quick and easy recommendations on helping your new puppy to love their crate!

St. Berdoodle

When Should I Spay or Neuter My Puppy?

When should you spay or neuter your pet?

Ready to Adopt?

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Karing Words from Proud Parents 

“We got one of their puppies a few years ago, and have never been happier. From the moment we met our puppy until we got to bring her home, we knew she was being cared for in the best way possible. Their dogs are family, and I’m so lucky we found the Reiners. Great people with the sweetest, smartest dogs EVER!!”

Stephanie Bellis Warner

“I can’t imagine a more ideal home to adopt a puppy from. These guys truly care about their pups and have been providing me with tons of information as they’ve let me visit several times! It’s been wonderful getting to watch my puppy go through all his first stages and a huge plus to spend time with these awesome folks in the process. I highly recommend Karing Hearts for the healthiest, most well tempered St. Berdoodles!”

Victoria Rose

“We got a little boy from Karing Hearts, and we could not be more pleased. Remus is best friends with the kids, super smart, and extremely sweet. He’s only 4 months old now and knows basic commands very well and some tricks! We leave him out in the house during the day and never have problems with chewing or going potty inside. I definitely recommend these puppies!”

Christy Robbins